Standby power Generators, air compressors,Water Pumps Supply, Service Maintenance.

  • We supply generators and water pumps basing on the customer’s requirements/ specifications.
  • We carry out service and maintenance of power generators and the work includes the following but not limited to:


a.     Replacement of filters ; that is oil, fuel, air and coolant filter(where applicable)

b.     Replenishing with new engine oil and radiator coolant.

c.    Compressed cleaning of the radiators for efficient cooling system performance.

d.     Servicing of the charging system and starting system.

e.     Re-tappeting (basing on the manufacture’s recommendation).

f.      Compression ratio testing.

g.    Load balancing and advice the client for smooth performance of the generator

  • For the air compressors reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary centrifugal; we carry out full scale service and advise the client on future performance ; Some of the models are:  Atlas Copco, Compair, Ingersoll Rand, BogeMARK, , Fini, ABAC, Fluidair, and Worthington,
  • For the water pumps replace bearings, impellers and rectify leakages.
  • We as well service and maintain air blowers such as; Robuschi, Dresser etc.

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